Monday, October 17, 2011

So my friend shared this with me and I am so exited to try it its making your own household cleaners! according to this blog they also work very well which would be great, I find that the only cleaners that work for me are things with alot of fumes and I get asthma too easy to use them. so Im exited, I have to wait a bit to be able to get all the ingredients but when i do i will for sure let you know how i like them. Who knew that lavender was a antibacterial? that is very cool.
So the last month I have gotten very little done. I have had this cough going on and it keeps changing to just being tired , congested and sick to my stomach. I am finally feeling better even though the cough is still there its better then it was so I am all ready to get things done again. I got the bathrooms cleaned! they needed it, again, I think I posted the last time I cleaned them. Other then that my big thing is that I have actually been doing great at keeping up with laundry!!! I feel like I never get anything accomplished but to be keeping up with one thing is amazing to me! I organized the kids clothes, they are all in my room, and I finally have a drawer for everything, I can send Cody in the room to get pajamas and tell him where to find what he needs, I also started a new rule, I don't bring the clean laundry into the living room, I bring it to my bed and attempt to put it away right there right away, one load at a time. so far I haven't had large piles of laundry sitting around ending up getting washed over and over. I also still try to find anything that my kids barely ever wear and get rid of them as fast as I can. My next goal with that is to have baskets, labeled so everything can be separated. I'm thinking separating the kids clothes one basket per kid and then having a basket for towels and one for pants. I like the ideas but don't know quite how I'm going to pull it off cause of space. I think the kids baskets will either go in the bathroom or their bedroom. If anyone has any ideas on how they separate their clothes please let me know!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anybody have ideas on routinely cleaning their house? do you start in the living room and so forth? do you clean your bathrooms every day or once a week? Do you just follow your kids around and clean up after them? For me my oldest is 4 he shoudl be able to help out more but only so much, then I have 2 and 1 year olds. Not so much help. Do you limit your computer time? TV time? my husband is not working much right now and we keep getting hooked on TV shows, its hard to turn them off since every day is like a day off. Also I want to try and set a family day so I spend purposeful time with my kids any suggestions? It cant be too excessive but I just want them to know how much they mean to me and stop being so selfish.
BTW I love my laundry detergent, in the past I have been pretty stingey with my laudry detergent because of trying not to use it too fast. Now I am realizing that when I wait a few hours to switch from the washer to dryer that it is still smelling all fresh and before it wasnt, Im guessing that my clothes werent really coming very clean. Well they are now, I actually use 2 scoops of detergent just becuase I can this 1 1/2 gallon bucket that I made cost me around $2.00 and it works really well, I do want to try a few other recipes becuase I used bar soap this last time and it was deissolved but then lumped up again I use hot water in one cycle to make sure it rinses off. I am going to try some other soap fels naptha instead and see if it stays dissolved. Ill let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today I didnt do the stuff I wanted to, but... I did do alot actually. I washed all the dishes I did a few loads of laundry, changed Gareth bed sheets, and now I made cookies and Chili for dinner,
Which brings on the subject of food, These prices are killing me!! I had a thought of having Cody go hunting and I really dont like venison. I could get used to it, the price of even ground beef isnt going on sale. Well I live in a small town so there are only a few grocery stores, well 2 actually but I think that limits me on the couponing options, so if anyone has any tips for me on how to get good coupons that would be great! I really need to get some deals so I can actually fill my kitchen with food =)..... (written yesterday)
Now I am back to finish up. Yesterday I didnt get near enough done, I have this problem, everytime I think about getting laundry put away Ellina is sleeping in my room. I was thinking about putting her crib in the kids room but I need it in my room at night cause she wakes up to eat... constantly.. So I need to figure this one out, I always have an excuse why I dont get things done. I need to get rid of as many excuses as I can

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy days

Well today was one of those days, the kids and I had appointments and we had Gareths teacher come and do a home visit, My husband, Cody actually helped alot by picking up the living room, he is one of those people that is very good at making things llok good without doing much of anything, he put the rest of the laundry in a basket, which by the way I got alot of it done. And then he got everything looking pretty good, I was very happy. Then I thought of something, do you ever go to someones house and they go on and on about how messy their house is? And you walk in and its all picked up and clean? Well I guess to most people my house was a mess, but to me it ws nice and clean. I also realized today that mine and Codys biggest struggle is getting on a routine and getting structured. I think we are getting to that point, (at least I am) where I am ready to get on some kind of schedule where things are getting done everyday. Also, a good friend of mine and I decided to start a Facebook page,!/pages/The-Clean-Home-Project/196011717133312 check it out if you get time, its for interacting and challenging on what we can each get done in our house and then we try and encourage eachother

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can I get a laundry maid?

So I am really liking that having this blog is helping me accomplish things, I have decided to just have a goal every day. I got the kitchen clean yesterday I didnt get to the floor before I had to make dinner and well I could start again today because I didnt get up after dinner and clean. But today I must set a new goal, although I do plan on doing dishes my goal today is laundry.
'sigh' laundry has become my hugest challenge. Turns out my kids have too many clothes and no matter how many times I get rid of them, I seriously have a give away bag every time I put away laundry, I still have trouble finding a place to put them all. When we moved back into our little house I decided to try and put all the clothes in my room vs the kids room. in hopes that their room would stay cleaner, well my problem stems from not hanging things up I think, I used to have hangers but went at least a year in this house without the closets put in so I don't know where all my hangers went now and even though I have closets now I don't hang anything up. So there are always clothes everywhere stuffed drawers and and no where to put stuff, I know this is going to be an issue when it starts getting cold and my kids need to wear socks again cause I just have a tub with unmatched socks in it. I am going to work on laundry today but this is something I really need help with, hopefully I can DO the work myself and someone will help me with ideas of how to organize clothes, I plan on buying hangers next time I am in walmart and have a little extra money. But I want to remind you when thinking of ideas for me my house is tiny. it is 700 sq ft and the rooms are both very small too

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

homemade detergent

I made the detergent, I looked at all the recipes and discovered they were all pretty much the same =) I boiled over the bar soap and water on my stove, thankfully a flat top, and it actually cleaned it nicely, I had scrubbed it this afternoon and I couldnt get it clean. The overflow of bar soap and water, cleaned it nicely = ). Anyway I used it and so far so good, the clothes selled nice and clean. So the simple of the prices go like this. I paid $12 for all the stuff to make it, I got, borax, 4 bars of soap, a bar of Fels-Naptha and Washing Soda. I used less then a quarter of all those ingredients and made about 2 1/2 gallons. I could have bought a 4 gallon thing of detergent for $12 but chose to see about this. I know with having enough ingredients to make alot more detergent that for e I saved alot of money, and it was fun. I will mention again after I see how clean my clothes get etc

bathrooms cleans, now for the kitchen...

So, I cleaned both bathrooms last night, I cleaned the one while the kids were in the bathtub! it really helps becuase I hate sitting in the bathroom while they are in the bath so it was great that I not only had something to do but got soething accomplished, now I have to figure out how to stay in a routine to keep them clean. I dont want to be embarassed when people say they need to use my bathroom, lol.
Ok so today I am going to wash dishes, clean counters and scrub the kitchen floor. Yes I will let you know how much I get done tomorrow. Any tricks on keeping your kitchen clean? I would love to hear them, maybe getting off the computer??? ha ha.
Oh I am also going to post that the next think on my husband's to do list is grouting and sealing my counter top, if he doesnt get it done soon I am going to give it a try. So Ill let you know when that is actually done, my counters are made of marble tile, so the longer they arent sealed the more water spots I am going to get, I think Im going to ask Cody about it today.