Wednesday, August 31, 2011

homemade detergent

I made the detergent, I looked at all the recipes and discovered they were all pretty much the same =) I boiled over the bar soap and water on my stove, thankfully a flat top, and it actually cleaned it nicely, I had scrubbed it this afternoon and I couldnt get it clean. The overflow of bar soap and water, cleaned it nicely = ). Anyway I used it and so far so good, the clothes selled nice and clean. So the simple of the prices go like this. I paid $12 for all the stuff to make it, I got, borax, 4 bars of soap, a bar of Fels-Naptha and Washing Soda. I used less then a quarter of all those ingredients and made about 2 1/2 gallons. I could have bought a 4 gallon thing of detergent for $12 but chose to see about this. I know with having enough ingredients to make alot more detergent that for e I saved alot of money, and it was fun. I will mention again after I see how clean my clothes get etc

bathrooms cleans, now for the kitchen...

So, I cleaned both bathrooms last night, I cleaned the one while the kids were in the bathtub! it really helps becuase I hate sitting in the bathroom while they are in the bath so it was great that I not only had something to do but got soething accomplished, now I have to figure out how to stay in a routine to keep them clean. I dont want to be embarassed when people say they need to use my bathroom, lol.
Ok so today I am going to wash dishes, clean counters and scrub the kitchen floor. Yes I will let you know how much I get done tomorrow. Any tricks on keeping your kitchen clean? I would love to hear them, maybe getting off the computer??? ha ha.
Oh I am also going to post that the next think on my husband's to do list is grouting and sealing my counter top, if he doesnt get it done soon I am going to give it a try. So Ill let you know when that is actually done, my counters are made of marble tile, so the longer they arent sealed the more water spots I am going to get, I think Im going to ask Cody about it today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

blogging today

So I decided to start blogging on different chalenges in my daily life, to list a few,
cleaning my house,
homemaking things to save money,
making my family healthier (lol)
well that has like a year of breakdown on it so we will see.
Today someone mentioned a very simple way to make laundry soap, I thought, here I was going to the store and looking at laudry soap and the only one I wanted to be able to afford, I have bought in the past and it was watery. And now someone said all that they do is grate up bar soap, soak it in water overnight and mix it. They use it for all their laundry! I thought that sounded amazing, especially if it works, then I looked up homemade laudry soap and found 10 different recipes on someone elses blog, its kinda cool, my goal is to try several of these recipes and blog on what I think, it should be fun and just another thing I need to get myself to over come laziness and random busyness and get it done =)
So lastly I really want imput!!! I am going to ask for imput on this and my next topic which is a challenge for me, today it is keeping my bathrooms clean, so if you have any ideas for me please give them to me, I will try some things, hopefully something someone suggests and then blog on how it worked for me, and how the status of my bathrooms are.
Evenually I plan on being able to take pictures so I can share just how challenging my life is, (my house is always a wreck)!!!!