Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can I get a laundry maid?

So I am really liking that having this blog is helping me accomplish things, I have decided to just have a goal every day. I got the kitchen clean yesterday I didnt get to the floor before I had to make dinner and well I could start again today because I didnt get up after dinner and clean. But today I must set a new goal, although I do plan on doing dishes my goal today is laundry.
'sigh' laundry has become my hugest challenge. Turns out my kids have too many clothes and no matter how many times I get rid of them, I seriously have a give away bag every time I put away laundry, I still have trouble finding a place to put them all. When we moved back into our little house I decided to try and put all the clothes in my room vs the kids room. in hopes that their room would stay cleaner, well my problem stems from not hanging things up I think, I used to have hangers but went at least a year in this house without the closets put in so I don't know where all my hangers went now and even though I have closets now I don't hang anything up. So there are always clothes everywhere stuffed drawers and and no where to put stuff, I know this is going to be an issue when it starts getting cold and my kids need to wear socks again cause I just have a tub with unmatched socks in it. I am going to work on laundry today but this is something I really need help with, hopefully I can DO the work myself and someone will help me with ideas of how to organize clothes, I plan on buying hangers next time I am in walmart and have a little extra money. But I want to remind you when thinking of ideas for me my house is tiny. it is 700 sq ft and the rooms are both very small too

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