Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy days

Well today was one of those days, the kids and I had appointments and we had Gareths teacher come and do a home visit, My husband, Cody actually helped alot by picking up the living room, he is one of those people that is very good at making things llok good without doing much of anything, he put the rest of the laundry in a basket, which by the way I got alot of it done. And then he got everything looking pretty good, I was very happy. Then I thought of something, do you ever go to someones house and they go on and on about how messy their house is? And you walk in and its all picked up and clean? Well I guess to most people my house was a mess, but to me it ws nice and clean. I also realized today that mine and Codys biggest struggle is getting on a routine and getting structured. I think we are getting to that point, (at least I am) where I am ready to get on some kind of schedule where things are getting done everyday. Also, a good friend of mine and I decided to start a Facebook page,!/pages/The-Clean-Home-Project/196011717133312 check it out if you get time, its for interacting and challenging on what we can each get done in our house and then we try and encourage eachother

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