Monday, October 17, 2011

So my friend shared this with me and I am so exited to try it its making your own household cleaners! according to this blog they also work very well which would be great, I find that the only cleaners that work for me are things with alot of fumes and I get asthma too easy to use them. so Im exited, I have to wait a bit to be able to get all the ingredients but when i do i will for sure let you know how i like them. Who knew that lavender was a antibacterial? that is very cool.
So the last month I have gotten very little done. I have had this cough going on and it keeps changing to just being tired , congested and sick to my stomach. I am finally feeling better even though the cough is still there its better then it was so I am all ready to get things done again. I got the bathrooms cleaned! they needed it, again, I think I posted the last time I cleaned them. Other then that my big thing is that I have actually been doing great at keeping up with laundry!!! I feel like I never get anything accomplished but to be keeping up with one thing is amazing to me! I organized the kids clothes, they are all in my room, and I finally have a drawer for everything, I can send Cody in the room to get pajamas and tell him where to find what he needs, I also started a new rule, I don't bring the clean laundry into the living room, I bring it to my bed and attempt to put it away right there right away, one load at a time. so far I haven't had large piles of laundry sitting around ending up getting washed over and over. I also still try to find anything that my kids barely ever wear and get rid of them as fast as I can. My next goal with that is to have baskets, labeled so everything can be separated. I'm thinking separating the kids clothes one basket per kid and then having a basket for towels and one for pants. I like the ideas but don't know quite how I'm going to pull it off cause of space. I think the kids baskets will either go in the bathroom or their bedroom. If anyone has any ideas on how they separate their clothes please let me know!!

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