Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today I didnt do the stuff I wanted to, but... I did do alot actually. I washed all the dishes I did a few loads of laundry, changed Gareth bed sheets, and now I made cookies and Chili for dinner,
Which brings on the subject of food, These prices are killing me!! I had a thought of having Cody go hunting and I really dont like venison. I could get used to it, the price of even ground beef isnt going on sale. Well I live in a small town so there are only a few grocery stores, well 2 actually but I think that limits me on the couponing options, so if anyone has any tips for me on how to get good coupons that would be great! I really need to get some deals so I can actually fill my kitchen with food =)..... (written yesterday)
Now I am back to finish up. Yesterday I didnt get near enough done, I have this problem, everytime I think about getting laundry put away Ellina is sleeping in my room. I was thinking about putting her crib in the kids room but I need it in my room at night cause she wakes up to eat... constantly.. So I need to figure this one out, I always have an excuse why I dont get things done. I need to get rid of as many excuses as I can


  1. I feel you on the food prices. We have gone to buying our beef right off the farm. MUCH cheaper that way. And there are many ways of cooking venison where you almost can't tell it's even venison. And stock up on fish! We fish all summer and use it all winter as you can freeze it. Is the amish store still open? That was a big help for me when we were over there. And check around Kalispell for discount food stores like that. Shop Cosco too. Buying bulk really does save in the long run!

  2. I know this may sound very "support our town" like but we drive from here to Ponderay (in Idaho on Hwy 2) and down to Couer d'Lane (I am sure I butchered the spelling) to buy our food. I haven't been able to lately and my check book can feel ever bit of it.

    Seriously though, shopping at Rosauer's costs me $500-$600 every two weeks (for 3 people with a lot of allergies!). Driving to Idaho costs $200-300 every 2 weeks. Not only does it save on food money, but the gas in my gas doesn't cost that much and the savings are worth it because I can food that I can eat right now, rather than waiting for them to order the food when they feel like it while I go hungry.