Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bathrooms cleans, now for the kitchen...

So, I cleaned both bathrooms last night, I cleaned the one while the kids were in the bathtub! it really helps becuase I hate sitting in the bathroom while they are in the bath so it was great that I not only had something to do but got soething accomplished, now I have to figure out how to stay in a routine to keep them clean. I dont want to be embarassed when people say they need to use my bathroom, lol.
Ok so today I am going to wash dishes, clean counters and scrub the kitchen floor. Yes I will let you know how much I get done tomorrow. Any tricks on keeping your kitchen clean? I would love to hear them, maybe getting off the computer??? ha ha.
Oh I am also going to post that the next think on my husband's to do list is grouting and sealing my counter top, if he doesnt get it done soon I am going to give it a try. So Ill let you know when that is actually done, my counters are made of marble tile, so the longer they arent sealed the more water spots I am going to get, I think Im going to ask Cody about it today.


  1. You know what helps me with the routine and easy clean task? A site called Fly Lady. It works amazing and helps sooo much! :D PS I'm following you now :D

  2. I got my dishes washed, kitchen floor scrubbed, living room picked up and vacuumed...almost everything except the bathrooms! :) I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now! I think having people over once a week is great incentive for getting stuff done! :D

  3. Sealing the countertops would be a good place to start!!